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Growing up in the Lake District, I have always been drawn to nature and the beauty it brings. From a young age I've obsessively photographed everything I see, whether it be my surroundings, friends or pets! To me, photography is a powerful tool, one that can collect memories but also send a message.

With a BA Honours degree in Wildlife Media, I have extended my skills to both Photography and Film. Documenting the world and all of it's creatures has become a passion of mine. 

I believe in simplicity, especially in photography. This is where I have found my love for 35mm film. With selective and thoughtful shooting, you can create the most unique images. 

To me, photographs are memories. That’s what I love about film photography, you’re capturing a moment in time which most likely can’t be replicated or manipulated with. I’m in love with the outdoors and I’ve become a passionate fell walker, so it syncs really beautifully with that. I’m obsessed with capturing the different seasons of the Lake District and sharing my own adventures with others. When I’m out walking, taking my photos helps me to be still and appreciate the moment and beauty around me.

Enjoy my gallery! For more information about my work or to check my availability for bookings, just give us a shout!

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